Resilient Restoration of Schools in Dominica Post-Hurricane Maria

This project will support the rehabilitation of two schools that were severely damaged by Hurricane Maria and that have been prioritised by the Government of Dominica to benefit vulnerable and affected communities. The project, in line with the recovery strategy established by the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica, the Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) and the Building Damage Assessment (BDA) will have a comprehensive approach in order to meet effectively building recovery needs. In this regard, the support to the reconstruction of homes and critical buildings will in coordination with and will be complementary to the ongoing rehabilitation initiatives and will include activities that strengthen the national reconstruction capacities, ensures quality assurance, and includes the affected communities as part of the reconstruction process.

The project will utilise a support to national implementation modality (NIM) led by the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development of Dominica, which oversees the reconstruction process in partnership with the Ministries of Planning, Economic Development and Investment; and Housing, Lands and Water Resource Management. UNDP in coordination and close collaboration with the national authorities will provide technical and quality assurance support and ensure the achievement of the results.

The project will address this strategy through the following outputs, through support from the Government of India:

Output 1: Roofing repairs of three priority schools benefiting vulnerable communities

This will be through technical assistance and supervision by qualified engineers and architects, training and mentoring of people involved in the reconstruction, procurement of reconstruction materials, equipment and PPE, and communications in order to complete rehabilitation of two schools by repairing the school buildings for hurricane and seismic resistance, non-structural repairs, and provision of equipment and furniture.

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