UNDP Resident Representative Magdy Martinez Soliman presents credentials to newly elected Premier of Montserrat, The Hon. Easton Taylor-Farrell

UNDP RR Congratulates Montserrat Premier on His Election

The UNDP Resident Representative for Barbados and the OECS was invited to present his Letters of Credence to the Government of Montserrat just after the election that led the Hon. Easton Taylor-Farrell to High Office. Mr. Martinez Soliman congratulated the Honourable Premier on his victory. The UNDP Official presented his Credentials and had the opportunity to learn firsthand what the priorities of the new Premier will be. Improving the communications and access to the island, recovering the healthcare capabilities and developing the private sector will be high on the list of the new Cabinet. UNDP will support the Government of Montserrat on the latter in the context of promoting the potential of Montserrat’s Blue Economy.
Mr. Martinez Soliman met His Excellency Mr. Andrew Pearce, OBE, the Governor of Montserrat, with whom he exchanged on matters of economic policy, climate action on the island, the rule of law, governance and development finance. The mission continued with a meeting with the main Ministers of the Cabinet, a bilateral with the PS to the Premier, an encounter with the Leader of the Opposition, another meeting with the Opposition Members of the Legislative Assembly including former Premier Mr. Romeo and a discussion with leaders of CSOs, in particular the Christian Council, the National Trust and the Red Cross. The UNDP Official visited to Plymouth, the surroundings hit by the eruption and the Montserrat Volcano Observatory to get a closer impression of the devastation.

The third day of the mission included a meeting with the Deputy Governor, Mrs. Lyndell Simpson, an encounter with the acting Premier, the Minister of Agriculture, Lands, Housing, Environment & Ecclesiastical Affairs, and a discussion with business leaders. UNDP also met the team of the Finance Ministry led by Mr. Kenya Lee, including Development Planner Mr. Tyrell Duberry and Head of Statistics Mr. Sylvan Roberts.

The mission ended with a taking stock exercise with the PS to the Premier and interviews with media representatives. UNDP RR was accompanied throughout the visit by the Head of the Antigua and Barbuda Office, Ms. Mellissa Johnson. One of the agreements of the visit is to explore in 2020 how UNDP could support the Government with technical assistance for the development of the private sector.  The second agreement will deliver expertise to implement the ban on petroleum-based single-use plastic products and the third a support to the public outreach and awareness plan of the Government on the ban of these polluting materials.

UNDP Officials committed to a not too distant follow-up visit for a second round of concrete and tangible joint programmes to be implemented in 2020.

Government of Montserrat website: http://www.gov.ms/

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