The Take Action for the Goals social media zone created a space for students to pledge to partner on the goals and share the message of the SDGs to their online networks!

The United Nations Office for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean launched an interactive gallery showcasing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The gallery under the theme “Mission 2030” was launched in Barbados in mid-November 2018 and was stationed across the lower and upper courtyards of the Barbados Museum until late November. A pop-up version of the gallery then moved to St. Lucia as a main feature at the 2-day St. Lucia Knowledge Fair.

Mission 2030 immersed visitors on a journey to discovering how the 17 Global Goals relate to our day-to-day lives in the Caribbean and how taking action for the goals can help to tackle our most pressing challenges. From our inability to generate productive and decent work, to the loss of biodiversity and environmental sustainability to socio-economic inequities the gallery engaged visitors on a range of issues through varied mediums such as reflective tasks, games and virtual reality, as well as provided spaces to innovatively think about how each of us do and can contribute to the change we want to see in our respective countries.


Mission 2030: Barbados

In Barbados the gallery reflected a village theme presenting the SDGs under the 5 P’s – People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnerships. Mission Maps were used to guide students on their journey, offering tailored educational experiences for students ranging from primary to tertiary level, as well as accommodating students with special educational needs. Teacher Handbooks containing resources to take Mission 2030 to the Classroom and follow-up on key lessons learnt from the gallery were provided to teachers.

Along the journey, students and visitors engaged with community based organisations who were striving to achieve the SDGs through grassroots advocacy and action. Each day, an organization took over one of the 5 P’s, focusing on how their work connected to the SDGs and sharing their message through games and activities. Each organization was provided with SDG Media Training to assist in tailoring their message and enhancing their confidence and skills in communicating the message of the SDGs.


Promoting Volunteerism

In Barbados we engaged over 30 volunteers. Volunteers received Communications Training on the SDGs, but also bringing a wealth knowledge and experience to share. Volunteers were instrumental in complimenting mission maps through guided educational tours, facilitating activities and sharing personal experiences on promoting the goals through day-to-day actions.

Mission 2030: St. Lucia Knowledge Fair

The GEF SGP UNDP programme in Saint Lucia opened the first Knowledge Fair through a two-day programme which showcased over 50 interactive booths on projects and programmes in Saint Lucia under the theme “From the Soil and Water to the Palate – A Healthy Journey”. As a key feature of the fair, the UN Sub-Regional Team for Barbados and the OECS launched the Sustainable Development Goals pop-up gallery. St Lucians were encouraged to join ‘Mission 2030’ and learn how everyone can support the national effort to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

53 exhibitors and beneficiaries of the GEF Small Grants Programme showcased their projects, each aligning their booth to the relevant SDGs. Exhibitors and volunteers were provided with an Introductory SDG and Communications Training to enhance their capacity to speak to their work within the context of the SDGs and more specifically on how to best share their knowledge and innovative ideas of grassroots action to achieve the SDGs.

Resources to support public education on the SDGs

The UNST provided St. Lucia’s Ministry of Sustainable Development a wealth of SDG resources to better deliver on their mandate of public education on the SDGs in schools across St. Lucia. SDG Tiles, Interactive Social Media Signs and comic strips explaining each of the goals through student-friendly language and imagery, making it appealing and easily comprehendible to young audiences were provided.

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