Strengthening Resilience and Coping capacities in the Caribbean through Integrated Early Warning Systems

This project seeks to create an enabling environment that can facilitate the adoption of Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) EWS by other countries in the region through systemisation of the process and lessons learned. It will add two territories to the Caribbean network of established all-hazard CAP-based EWS, and upscale to end-to-end automated CAP systems. In this manner the project aims to reduce the vulnerability of communities facing multiple natural hazard risks in Caribbean small islands by helping communities become better informed about natural hazards and their vulnerability, with a system being implemented to allow the automated receipt of hazard notifications and dissemination of alerts via an integrated CAP-based all-hazard EWS. One of the strengths of the CAP lies in its ability to be adaptable. Ultimately the system can be expanded and improved with time as local and national capacities strengthen and confidence in the system continues to grow.

The approach will see increasing knowledge and understanding of the multi-hazard scenario at local level; upscaling EWS to integrated end-to-end systems, articulated and coordinated at territorial and institutional level with timely and accurate information about hydro-meteorological and geological hazards through innovation and technology for improving local alert capacities; and capturing of experiences and processes to create a duplicable template that can be adopted by other countries in the region.

The initiative is expected to realise the following:
•    Strengthen national preparedness mechanisms through improved hazard monitoring and alert dissemination, targeting vulnerable communities and groups
•    Create a regional framework for facilitating multi-hazard CAP EWS

Accomplishments to Date:
•    Site assessments have commenced in the target communities to identify hazard risks and potential locations for installation of monitoring equipment for early warning.

•    CDEMA
•    National Disaster Offices
•    International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
•    National Red Cross Societies
•    French Red Cross
•    Caribbean Tsunami Information Centre (CTIC)
•    UNDP Country Offices

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