Transition from Education to Employment in Grenada Report

Jan 26, 2021

The “Transition from Education to Employment in Grenada" Report is a UNDP-ILO-UWI joint initiative just completed under the leadership of the Government institutions in the context of the Blue Economists programme between UNDP and UWI. This independent technical review assesses and makes recommendations on the main bottlenecks and possible solutions for a successful transition from the current vocational training systems and curricula, as well as other education levels, to the current and future labor market needs in Grenada, with particular focus on Blue Economy. It also builds upon the experience of UNDP's support to MSMEs in the region and will inform future economic diversification and job creation programmes.


On this occasion, due to the topic of the initiative, the UWI-UNDP partnership was strengthened with the invaluable support and expertise of the ILO office for the Caribbean. This collaboration was prompted by the call for collaboration between the two sister agencies by the ILO Director-General and the UNDP Administrator through the Global Framework for Action launched on September 2020, but it also looks to reinforce the “One-UN” approach of collaborative work between UN agencies.

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