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Consultation for Action

This virtual series, aptly titled “Consultations for Action” brought together five panels comprised of a cross section of thought leaders including Senior Officials from within the Host Governments of…  

Innovation in Post-Disaster Data Collection: From the Caribbean to the World

The United Nations Development Programme is leading the way in helping Caribbean countries recover and rebuild for the long term. And they’re using innovative means to do it.  

Eastern Caribbean Human and Economic Impact Assessments

The report outlines a number of recommendations including: expanding the time frame for COVID-19 related unemployment benefits and covering the newly unemployed.  

After Lockdown: A Planet Needing Reinvention

Our endeavour should be to not return to the high consumption, high emissions, high pollution, high waste, high inequality patterns of yesterday. Small steps are only superficial makeup. Having peeked…  

Launch of e-Series on Post-COVID-19 Economic Response

As the region faces unprecedented levels of unemployment, reduced revenues and loss of foreign direct investment due to the COVID-19 crisis, the United Nations Sub-Regional Team for Barbados and the…  

UNDP Eastern Caribbean Hackathon
Jobs and Lives after COVID-19

COVID-19 is an unprecedented global crisis that threatens to dismantle the progress made towards development in the region.  

COVID-19 Response Programme

The COVID -19 pandemic has caused unprecedented shifts across the globe. Governments of the Caribbean have been actively deploying national responses to the threat of this deadly virus in the context…  

Accelerator Lab for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Responds to COVID-19

COVID-19, mentioned in almost every personal and professional conversation over the past few months, is threatening the way people work and go about their daily activities.  

COVID-19 Island Hack Prototype Challenge

Do you hack tools and systems? Are you looking to create the next innovative pandemic solution that addresses present and/or future challenges? If so, we want YOU to participate in UNDP’s COVID-19…  

Digital Economy Provides Crisis Jobs and Safe Services

UNDP’s policy for Barbados and the region suggests “keeping as much cash as possible in people’s hands”, which starts with avoiding layoffs and retooling businesses.  

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