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Success Stories

UNDP Supporting Development in the Eastern Caribbean  

Fisherfolk and Farmers Going Digital

This involves a strong push towards digitizing MSME operations under the #eFUTURE initiative launched last week.  

UNDP Eastern Caribbean Hackathon
Jobs and Lives after COVID-19

COVID-19 is an unprecedented global crisis that threatens to dismantle the progress made towards development in the region.  

Digital Economy Provides Crisis Jobs and Safe Services

UNDP’s policy for Barbados and the region suggests “keeping as much cash as possible in people’s hands”, which starts with avoiding layoffs and retooling businesses.  

First Impact Data

Preliminary Findings on the COVID-19 Human and Economic Toll in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean  

Life Has Changed

Everywhere the same picture: closed supermarkets, empty streets, schools out, silent nights, no planes on the horizon line, people staying at home… This anxiously quiet wait, while our frontline…  

Don’t Wash Your Hands of the Problem

The most repeated public health advice since the outbreak of the New Coronavirus has been “wash your hands thoroughly with soap”.  

Blue Economy Innovator Speed Dating

The UNDP Accelerator Lab for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean hosted its second “Coffee Morning” event on March 13, 2020 at TEN Habitat, a local co-working and entrepreneurial space.  

Be safe. Be smart. Be kind. Share the word, not the virus.

Take care of your health and protect others  

Sensemaking: Identifying Blue Economy Trends in the Eastern Caribbean

It has been just over six months since the UNDP Accelerator Lab for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean has been in operation.  

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