Blue Tank

Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Blue Economy

UNDP Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean staged the first ever “The Blue Tank” where eight innovators pitched their ideas to remedy some of the most pressing challenges facing the blue economy as part of UNDP’s Barbados & the Eastern Caribbean Initiative. Each innovator had the chance to gain support through catalytic investment, technical assistance and partnership generation from the development agency.

Innovators and Areas of Focus

Eight innovators were shortlisted from a cadre of skilled candidates who responded to the Blue Lab’s Call for Solutions.

  • Roland Baldeo – Coral reef restoration using biorock powered by renewable energy
  • Kerri-Ann Bovell – Bioplastic creation from starch waste and sargassum
  • Angie Brathwaite – Mobile VR cinemas focused on life underwater
  • Brian-Lee Chandler & Nikolai Holder (partners) – Biogas made of fish waste and other organic waste
  • Simera Crawford – Incentivized and gamified smart recycling system
  • Steven Hollingsworth & Stacy Phillips – Coral reef mapping using underwater drones, deep machine learning & AI
  • Cassia Patel – Blue seal / badge promoting responsible tourism
  • Peter Thompson – Traceable fisheries brand using blockchain

The Panel

Four experienced judges leveraged their expertise to evaluate each solution and make a determination on its advancement with the Blue Lab.

  • Mr. Magdy Martinez-Soliman –Representative for UNDP Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean
  • Najla King – Maritime Legal Consultant in the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and The Blue Economy
  • Ms. Wainelle Alleyne-Jones – Policy Adviser for the New Zealand High Commission
  • Ms. Debbie Estwick – Corporate Communications Advisor Barbados Investment and Development Corporation.

Former Resident Representative UNDP Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean

The Criteria

The Top Four

Ultimately the innovators who top scored were Kerri- Ann Bovell, Steven Hollingsworth, Selwyn Cambridge and the team of Brian-Lee Chandler and Nikolai Holder. Ms. Bovell impressed the judges with her presentation on the development of a non-food packaging bioplastic made out of starch from local food waste and sargassum from beaches. Mr. Hollingsworth’s impactful pitch was concentrated on coral reef mapping using semi-autonomous underwater drones and Mr. Cambridge garnered favourable remarks for his presentation on the creation of a local traceable fisheries tuna brand using blockchain technology. Chandler and Holder focusing on renewable energy and biogas gave an insightful pitch on the potential of fish waste and other organic waste in the production of bio methane for energy and heating generation.


Next Steps with the Accelerator Lab

The Accelerator Lab’s Blue Tank brought together a diverse set of individuals with a common goal: to share innovative solutions to challenges in the blue economy in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. The Blue Tank was very successful in identifying grassroots solutions to some of the challenges in the blue economy while supporting a much-needed culture of innovation in the region.

Look out for updates on the innovators selected to continue their journey with the Accelerator Lab.

Blue Tank innovators and judges

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