CariSECURE Sensitization Workshop for the Caribbean Citizen Security Toolkit in Barbados

Nov 8, 2017

Opening Remarks by Mr. Stephen O’Malley, Resident Representative, UNDP Barbados and the OECS


It is my pleasure to welcome you to United Nations House. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Attorney General, Adriel Braithwaite, and the Criminal Justice Research Unit for inviting UNDP to partner in their 2017 Crime Prevention Month under the theme, “Reducing Crime and Violence in Our Communities.”  We are particularly pleased that our collaboration over the next two days will focus on sensitizing all of you to the Caribbean Citizen Security Toolkit, and to agree on our next steps in implementing its various components in Barbados.

During the launch of Barbados’ crime prevention month earlier this week, Attorney General Braithwaite spoke about the increasing number of burglaries in Barbados and highlighted the need for the government of Barbados to address this situation by examining the causes. To do this, the government will need to use valid, reliable, and comparable crime data that sheds light on each victim, each perpetrator and each reported event.

And this is exactly what the Caribbean Citizen Security Toolkit can do. The purpose of this toolkit is to enhance the quality and integrity of national crime data, and thus, advance government’s ability to incorporate crime data analysis to improve crime prevention strategies.  So we are very pleased to be hosting this workshop with the goal of having the Toolkit fully adopted and operationalized in Barbados, as the foundation of a robust and efficient Information Management System and a culture of evidence-based policy-making and law enforcement.

The Toolkit introduces instruments that will improve the quality of crime data through improved data collection processes in agencies such as the Royal Barbados Police Force. These instruments include the Citizen Security Data Collection Form and the corresponding Coding Structure, and Guidance Notes on Citizen Security Data Collection and Dissemination. Such tools will ensure that crime data are collected coherently, transparently and ethically, while providing law enforcement with sufficient details on the victim, perpetrator and incident. The toolkit also introduces the Caribbean Composite Citizen Security Indicator Framework, which will enhance the government’s capacity to measure and monitor crime indicators across communities, the efficiency of institutions in the criminal justice system, and the effectiveness of crime prevention initiatives.

One thing I am particularly proud of is the fact that these tools were not developed in isolation. This toolkit was born out of the partnership between UNDP and USAID in the CariSECURE project. Through this project, we brought together representatives from 10 eastern and southern Caribbean governments, the CARICOM Secretariat and its Advisory Group on Statistics, the Regional Security System and the OECS Commission, all of whom lent their expertise to the development of each instrument presented today. The depth of this collaboration enabled us, for the very first time, to develop a package of tools designed to meet the specific needs of each of the 10 Caribbean countries targeted by the CariSECURE project. And the tool can be readily applied to other Caribbean countries on request.

I would like to especially thank the Barbados delegation for your contributions towards the design of the Toolkit. This is a major achievement for the CariSECURE project, and it would not have been possible without your extensive feedback and participation throughout our national and regional consultations. The National Task Force will be particularly helpful in driving the management and coordination of the Toolkit. Now we are looking for your continued support to drive implementation with the same level of urgency and engagement. So let’s make sure we come out of this workshop with a clear roadmap for implementation – we will be happy to be with you every step on that path.

Finally, I would like to express our gratitude to USAID for their financial support and partnership in the CariSECURE project, without which the Toolkit would not be possible. I thank you all for attending this event and we look forward to working with you over the next two days.

Thank You.

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