Grenada and Barbados Knowledge Share Around Rainwater Harvesting

Mar 8, 2018

Four students from the Harvest 2030 initiative, a project funded by GEF Small Grants Programme Grenada with participants from the St. Joseph's Convent, Grenville and the St. Andrew's Anglican Secondary School took part in a student exchange to Barbados to share experiences related to Rainwater Harvesting (RWH). The project targeted groups thought to have minimal exposure to practical applications of RWH within the educational system in Grenada. Thirty-five participants (26 females and 9 males) from two Secondary Schools in the parish of St. Andrew in Grenada were exposed to a combination of in-class and outdoor / practical exercises in various disciplines related to RWH such as plumbing and carpentry.  The initiative is implemented by the St Andrew's Development Organization (SADO).

The visiting students, Reanna Mason, Darcel Courtney, Kisha Scott and Donola Noel also participated in a live television interview on the Morning Barbados Breakfast Show on Monday February 26th. During the interview the students were presented and given an opportunity to describe the lessons learned during Harvest 2030. GEF SGP Grenada National Coordinator Simone Lewis and Project Lead Akarda Ventour were also interviewed during this segment of the show.

“These are the types of initiatives that we wish to highlight and it was remarkable to see students from Grenada willing to visit Barbados and remind us of how serious we should treat to the issue of water harvesting and conservation. I would gladly welcome them back and I hope that they come again", said John Drayton, Producer of Morning Barbados Show.

After the interview, the students were invited to conduct a field assessment at the Nature Fun Ranch (NFR).  The NFR is an NGO which focuses on the utilization of farming and environmental conservation as a method of rehabilitating ‘at-risk’ youth in Barbados. During the field assessment, the students toured the NFR and applied their knowledge to provide guidance and suggestions on how the establishment could better utilize RWH in its ongoing operations.

Corey Lane, NHR Founder shared,“we have always endorsed approaches aimed at empowering the youth and helping them to build that confidence which would enable them to take on various activities in life and different parts of the world. It was a truly exciting exercise having them at the ranch and we look forward to the receiving the recommendations.”

The students were hosted at the United Nations House where they made a presentation on RainWater Harvesting. The audience consisted of students from the Barbados Youth Service, UN staff and media outlets. During the presentation, students outlined the various uses of rainwater in residential, commercial and agricultural applications.

Youth Development Officer in the Ministry of Education, Fabian Sargeant noted that “the project was timely and should be replicated in schools across Barbados largely due to the water issues in Barbados that will worsen." Likewise, UNDP's Lorenzo Harewood expressed his delight at seeing "students, SADO and GEF SGP Grenada collectively involved in a practical exercise that can be truly considered South-South Cooperation; not another theory driven initiative exposing the youth to concepts in a verbal manner alone but an actual hands-on experience with the youth in Grenada being shared with the youth here in Barbados.

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