GEF/UNDP Ridge to Reef Project Supports Second Summer Programme

Aug 4, 2017

Through funding provided by the GEF/UNDP Ridge to Reef Project, the Ministry of Agriculture's Forestry Department in Grenada was able to successfully execute its second annual summer programme for children.

The programme themed "Sustainable Forestry: preserving ridges, guarding reefs", was held at the Morne Gazo Visitor Centre. This event was the first major educational event held at the centre since it was reconstructed by the GEF/UNDP Ridge to Reef project earlier this year.

Thirty students, eighteen females and twelve males between the ages of eight and sixteen, benefited from the programme. Lesson plans were delivered through presentations, crafting, and field trips. Throughout the programme, students gained knowledge on topics such as wildlife in Grenada, watersheds and wetlands, mangroves, Grenada’s Terrestrial Protected Areas, and conservation. On each day of the programme they were also introduced to a new environmental concept.

Each craft session sought to encourage students to engage in environmentally friendly practices by doing things from as simple as properly disposing of waste often found trapped in wetlands and coastal forested areas, to recycling items that often take years to decompose. This included chairs made with tires and pencils as well as plant holders made with old plastic bottles. In her review of one of the craft sessions one student stated that "it was extremely eye-opening to be able to make chairs from something deemed useless".

Through the field trips students were able to identify birds and other wildlife with the aid of binoculars, view impacts of improper garbage disposal (from deep inside the forests to a marine location), explore eco-tourism opportunities in Grenada, and interact with the flora while learning some of its essential benefits.

Mr. Joseph Noel, GEF/UNDP Ridge to Reef Project Officer, expressed extreme satisfaction with the programme and praised the implementing team for demonstrating significant growth over the past year. He also stated that hearing the students easily answer questions regarding the GEF/UNDP Project during the Jeopardy review game was fulfilling as it showed they are now more aware of the overall project and its goals, which is important as he seeks to ensure that every household in Grenada is aware of the project.


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