Poverty Reduction

Poverty is a complicated issue touching on various areas. With a fifth of the planet's people living on less than $1 a day, poverty remains an important issue impacting not only those effected, but society as a whole. Whilst poverty is often reduced to income or hunger it is in fact a relative phenomenon with multiple facets. Absolute poverty can be defined as the minimum basic needs necessary to survive, such as adequate food, drinking water, clothing and shelter.

Our Goals

MDG Goal 1 which seeks to achieve a 50% reduction in those living in absolute poverty by 2015 is a principle goal which all agencies, including UNDP, is with working with partners, governments and communities to achieve. Recognizing that it is only logical to involve those who are directly affected by it, UNDP and the OECS Secretariat have sought to implement initiatives of inclusion to facilitate poverty reduction and social policy formulation. more

Alleviating levels of poverty

UNDP Barbados and the OECS, along with IFAD, CARICOM and the OECS Secretariat, created CARUTA - the Caribbean Regional Unit for Technical Assistance. The aim is to enhance levels of competitiveness in the agricultural sector thereby reducing the levels of poverty, especially in rural areas. Photo: UNDP Barbados and the OECSmore

Projects and Initiatives

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