Democratic Governance

UNDP brings people together within nations and around the world, building partnerships and sharing ways to promote participation, accountability and effectiveness at all levels. We help countries strengthen their electoral and legislative systems, improve access to justice and public administration, and develop a greater capacity to deliver basic services to those most in need.

Our Goals

The goal of UNDP Barbados and OECS is to support the strengthening of democracy and governance and the creation of an enabling environment for sustainable human development for its 10 programme countries by: Promoting alternative development frameworks and strategies for sustainable and equitable growth; promoting global and regional cooperation to achieve human development; strengthening capacity of key governance institutions for people-centered development and fostering social cohesion; promoting decentralization that supports participatory local governance; strengthening local organizations and empowering communities; and promoting an efficient and accountable public sector that serves all citizens.more

UNDP in Collaboration with Italian Broadcating Agency, Rai3 to Faciliate Film Production Training.

The UNDP Barbados and the OECS Deomcratic Governance, Youth-Innovation Team along with Italian Broadcasting Agency, Rai3 and the University of the West Indies Film Production Team.More

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The Youth-IN project is about empowering young people to become agents of change, not to just sit by and receive support but to become actively involved in the development of their own sustainable future. Our mission is based on a 2010 report produced by the CARICOM Youth Commission, ‘Eye on the Future: Investing in YOUTH NOW for Tomorrow’s Community’, to which many young people across the Caribbean contributed. The report shows the challenges of Caribbean youth and the costs of not investing in Youth. more

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The First Caribbean Human Development Report

The first Caribbean Human Development Report (HDR) analyses the impact of insecurity and violence on human development within the development context of Caribbean Small Island Developing States (SIDS). It provides evidenced based recommendations on how to better address insecurity and violence across the region, but particularly in the English and Dutch-speaking Caribbean countries.

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