Caribbean Regional Unit for Technical Assistance (CARUTA)


Fields of produce in Jamaica. Photo UNDP

This three-year project is a coordinated response of institutional delivery of technical assistance in agriculture and integrated rural development to selected CARICOM/OECS Member States. The objective is to strengthen national and subregional capacity to alleviate current levels of rural poverty, in the context of a strategic framework to enhance the competitiveness of the agricultural sector. CARUTA addresses rural poverty in all its forms: access and land use, gender equality and equity, sustainable livelihoods and environment and natural resources management.

CARUTA implements a number of activities including:

Governance: we promote and assist the consolidation of a consortium of Stakeholders on Rural Development at the CARICOM level (e.g. establishing knowledge and communication networks, publishing knowledge products including project studies and reports);

Policy: Implementation of studies (e.g. impact of EPA, renewable energy options for the small farmer, etc.) to reinforce the regional agenda for rural\agricultural development;

Capacity Building: training workshops and expert support (e.g. renewable energy options for small-scale farming, agro-processing, etc.).

Our accomplishments

Local farmers in rural Jamaica. Photo undp
  • 30 farmers from seven participating countries trained in organic farming, climate risk management and ICT for female farmers in two successive workshops (Jamaica and Dominica);

  • Conducted a study on forestry resources and climate change (contracted to The Caribbean Natural Resources Institute CANARI) intended to sensitize key stakeholders to issues related to climate risk management in the context of conservation and sustainable use of forestry resources;

  • Established a CARICOM portal for agri-business initiatives and data sharing; and

  • Implemented contest for rural innovative projects and award for five projects.

Who finances it?

Donors  Amount of contribution, US$
IFAD  $753,000.00
French Government  $45,000.00
UNDP  $90,000.00


Fiscal year Amount of disbursement, $US
2009  $207,638.00
2010  $128,070.00
2011  $175,905.00
Project Overview
Project start date
January 2009
Estimated end date
April 2012
Focus Area
Poverty Reduction
Project Officer
Mario Porchetta