A Future for SIDS: The Post 2015 Development Agenda in St. Lucia


2015 represents the end of an ambitious cycle in the international development agenda, and at the same time, a tremendous opportunity to review the priority areas and improve the ways in which we address them. In this regard, the UN Secretary General has committed to facilitating a broad-based consultative process at the global, regional and local levels which will ultimately lead to the definition of a unique and comprehensive post-2015 agenda. St. Lucia, as one of fifty (50) countries worldwide engaging in this process over the next few months, and the only country from the Caribbean region, has agreed to not only represent a national perspectives, but those issues that are common to Caribbean SIDS.

What are our goals?

The objective of the country consultations is to stimulate an inclusive debate on a post-2015 development agenda by providing an analytical base, inputs and ideas that:

  • Contribute to the shared global vision on ‘The Future We Want‘, with clear recommendations for governments, civil society and broad stakeholders in the context of SIDS;
  • amplify the voices of the poor and other marginalized groups in formal negotiation processes; and
  • influence the intergovernmental processes so that they align with the aspirations of civil society for a post-2015 agenda.

It is envisioned that the document produced from the country consultations will provide major input into the Saint Lucia National Development Plan and other major government policies, as well as reflect key SIDS issues that arising from other UNDP-supported processes such as the MDG Acceleration Framework in Grenada and the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Who finances it?

Donors Amount of contribution, $US
UNDG $64,000
Other UN Agencies $30,000