Programme on Integrated Climate Change Adaptation Strategies (ICCAS)

The overarching objective of the Programme on Integrated Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in Grenada (ICCAS) is to increase resilience of vulnerable communities and ecosystems to climate change risks in Grenada through integrated adaptation approaches. The complete Programme has four Components:

Component 1:
Strengthened capacity of the Government of Grenada to mainstream adaptation considerations into national development planning (at various scales), supporting inter-sectoral mechanisms for climate change adaptation also including the private sector (overseen by GIZ)
Output 1.1: Strengthen National Climate Change Committee in its function to facilitate inter-sectoral coordination of climate change adaptation measures, giving due consideration to existing strategies, practices and approaches.
Output 1.2:  Strengthen and/or develop and operationalize appropriate communication protocols to support inter-sectoral coordination of climate change adaptation measures between the government and private sectors and NGOs.
Output 1.3: Develop and operationalize a strategic adaptation plan for Grenada (which is supposed to converge with a National Adaptation Plan (NAP) under the UNFCCC) and a performance monitoring system for an integrated national approach to adaptation, including coastal resource management and water resource management and use, building on other initiatives planned or underway, in identified areas.
Output 1.4: Strengthen existing planning frameworks by supporting the integration of climate risk analysis into national, sectoral and community planning and decision-making, through capacity development and support for policy implementation.

Component 2:
Improved planning, management and efficient use of the water and coastal zone resources thought the establishment of integrated water resource management approaches and the formulation of CZM policies and management plans (overseen by GIZ)
Output 2.1: Support the development of a Coastal Zone Policy and Management Plan
Output 2.2: Capacity development for personnel and organisations in water and coastal resource management.

Component 3:
Increased adaptive capacity of communities through the implementation of concrete community-based adaptation activities and incentives in the islands of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique. (Overseen by UNDP)
Output 3.1 Design, establish and operationalize a “Community Climate Change Adaptation Fund” (CCCAF) that responds to the needs of vulnerable communities and that links climate risks and adaption measures with livelihoods.

Component 4:
Capacity to access climate finance and knowledge management:
Output 4.1:   Enabled access to public (bilateral and multilateral) and private funding for climate change measures (overseen by GIZ)
Output 4.2: Strengthened understanding and awareness of climate change risks and adaptation measures (adaptation plan) and disseminate lessons learned and best practices at the local, national, regional and international levels. (Overseen by UNDP)

Collaboration with related projects
UNDP continues to provide policy and programming support by working on and advocating for the multi-sectoral challenges of poverty reduction, democratic governance, crisis prevention and recovery, climate change, and environment and sustainable development. In Grenada, UNDP has worked with the government to secure resources to address issues of biodiversity conservation and land degradation through the Global Environment Facility (GEF) under the project “Implementing a ‘Ridge to Reef’ approach to protecting biodiversity and ecosystem functions within and around protected areas in Grenada”. As the implementation of these activities from 2014 leads to stronger awareness of the linkages between environmental degradation, climate change, resilience and economic development, it is intended that synergies will be built with the Programme to ensure a consistency of approach at the national level to address these issues which permeate all sectors of the society.

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