Climate Change Knowledge Attitudes and Practices Survey Report - Guyana

Published on 02 Dec 2016

Report Overview

The overarching rationale behind this KAP Survey is to address climate change awareness and
education. In addressing sustainable climate change adaptation, mitigation and disaster risk programming it is vital that where there are significant gaps in knowledge, attitude and behavioural practices amongst Guyanese, measures on how to instil best practice and understanding must be highlighted. Hence, this study hopes to
1. explore the Guyanese knowledge and perceptions of climate change;
2. identify the ways in which Guyanese explain the causes of their changing weather, and the
impact that such changes have on their lives;
3. investigate the barriers to responding to climate change among individuals and communities
and within local, provincial and national government;
4. assess respondents’ media consumption patterns and preferences; and
5. inform recommendations on the best methods of communicating to the Guyanese public on
climate change. 

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