J-CCCP has partnered with Jamaica 4-H Clubs to undertake the agriculture-based virtual game. The game provides a creative and fun medium through which to educate youth about climate change and climate smart decisions and actions, with the ultimate goal of creating lasting behavioural change.
Eighty four households in Tepu, located in Suriname’s Hinterland, now have power from a newly installed solar system. The project, officially titled ‘Women Empowerment & Renewable Solar Energy Pilot Project’ was supported by the UN Development Programme’s Japan-Caribbean Climate Change Partnership (UNDP J-CCCP) in partnership with the Amazon Conservation Team Suriname (ACT).
The US$2million Chinese-aid funded Post-Disaster Roof Restoration project to repair 250 house roofs toward recovery of Hurricane-Ima devastated Barbuda has allowed hundreds of people to return home to Barbuda, after the entire island was evacuated for the first time due to powerful hurricanes in September 2017.
Out of the twelve registered schools, the Riviere Doree Anglican Combined School copped the top prize in the Primary Schools Climate Change Video Challenge under the UN Development Programme’s Japan-Caribbean Climate Change Partnership’s (UNDP J-CCCP) ACT Now Saint Lucia Communications Campaign.
“It is very important for more local businesses to take part in further rebuilding projects, for the benefit of the Antigua and Barbuda national economy overall,” Mr Jonas said at the Procurement Fair together with NODS Director Philmore Mullin – stressing that it is vital to understand the United Nations processes to compete.
National partners in Dominica as well as St. Vincent and the Grenadines recently validated Early Warning Systems (EWS) survey results as continuation of a process to strengthen EWS through leveraging of best practices, tools and knowledge.

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